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formation be used for policy making. Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his government's decision to remove the mandatory fill-out, stating that government should not use fines

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. A heavy police presence was at the scene to prevent violent clash between the two rivaling groups, and the KKK rally was barricaded as more protesters joined the crowd. No violent

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opment and agrarian reform, one of the sources of conflict in the five decades of fighting between the rebels and the armed forces. Other points to be discussed included laying d

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rces are keeping a close watch on the country's borders following the escape of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, a drug lord, from prison cell in Mexico. The country's General Pros

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roups (organized soccer fans organizations), provided by the Argentinean government. Other countries provided similar lists of fans associated with hooliganism to the Brazilian aut

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ity in Southern California, made national news last week when residents angrily protested after learning through news reports of the exorbitant pay of its city manager, 787,637 do

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lling such notifications as unfortunate routine, Earnest called for U.S. lawmakers to overcome "budgetary brinkmanship on Capitol Hill." "There is a process that we unfortunately a

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oil spill. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told a news teleconference that new rules imposed after the BP spill have strengthened safety measures and reduced the risk of another ca

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y. The two presidents agreed the negotiations on a successor treaty for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) are nearly complete, the White House said. The White House made

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the executive arm of the European Union (EU), signed two agreements on boosting joint investments and technology exchanges Sunday in Buenos Aires, the Argentine Industry Ministry

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scalating tension with the United States. According to an official statement, Ahmadinejad held an official talk with Cuban leader Raul Castro Wednesday, which was attended also by

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